Benefits of buying erectile dysfunction medicines in canadian online pharmacy

Doctors often prescribe expensive, advertised drugs for ED treatment. Sometimes they have no analogs, and you have to buy exactly what was prescribed. But it often happens that a well-known drug has a cheaper version. Such drugs are called generics, which are several times cheaper, and its effect is the same. They can be bought online from the pharmacy websites below.

Saskatoon Family Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.4) 311 Wellman Ln #105, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0J1, Canada +1 306-668-4777

I would not recommend this Saskatoon Family Pharmacy for obtaining diabetic orthopedic needs… Their service is horrible. Been trying to get a 75-year pair of shoes for a month now and still nothing. She was fitted for the shoes. Faxed the necessary paperwork several times. Called them many times, end up put on hold, and hung up. Horrible customer service.

Best pharmacy in town! The staff is friendly and always helpful! The pharmacist always makes time for questions you may have! If they don’t have it but can order it, they will! You will never have a LONG wait time for your prescriptions! Drive-thru was available!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

EDMeans Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.8) 3110 Laurier Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5J7, Canada +1 306-384-8788

So very helpful, all the staff and pharmacists have answered all my questions and given me the absolute best personal customer service. Sara has been amazing! Thank you all!!!!!

Melissa Slater is knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and accommodating with scheduling. The staff is excellent, going above and beyond to assist clients! After my recent appointment, my car wouldn’t start. The staff tried to jump-start the car and help diagnose the issue, even buying a Coke to clean the battery terminals. Once we figured out what was going on, Samantha Vair crawled up under the dash and fixed the problem. Talk about excellent customer service! Thank you, EDMeans Pharmacy!

Pharmasave Saskatoon (Google Rating: 3.5) 202 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2B5, Canada +1 306-244-7244

I had been using Pharmasave Saskatoon for my CPAP supplies for years. I started having issues with my CPAP machine in November 2018. I called them, and they asked if I could leave my machine with them to be inspected. They did not offer a loaner machine. I took decibel measurements of my machine before dropping it off, it was producing noise measuring almost 60 decibels, and my spouse had to wear earplugs to be able to sleep. I dropped it off, and they kept it for a week, stating they repeatedly tested it and could find no issues. Per the ResMed app I use to track my CPAP usage, the machine was never run for the entire week. I took the machine to another medical supply facility, and within 45 seconds of inspection, I determined there was an issue with the machine. They provided a loaner at no charge while my machine was sent off for repair and help coordinate with insurance when it was determined that it could not be repaired. It was also discovered that at some time during my therapy, Hazelton and changed me to a mask that was a different size than prescribed by my doctor. I do not know why this was done. I will not use Hazelton Pharmacy for any medical supplies again.

Quaint pharmacy not yet swallowed up but the chains. They provide all the regular services in addition to the specialty mixed prescriptions that no one else can/does. Lovely staff.

Brunskill Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.5) 1302 Temperance St, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0P3, Canada +1 306-653-2922

I am always greeted when entering the store. 2 employee’s that we’re building a display stopped to assist me with finding my items. It’s so refreshing to receive customer service on this level.

Terrible experience at this Brunskill Pharmacy pharmacy. Chris was rude, disrespectful, and does not answer phone calls at the pharmacy even when they’re not busy. The pharmacist Dayna is also very horrible. They both work together and would just put people on hold for at least an hour and a half definitely will not recommend this pharmacy if they are working.